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Apr 25 2014 8:00 pm - Books & Books

Phyllis Green - Fired at 50: A Survivor's Guide Prosperity - Gables

Advertising industry pioneer and innovator Phyllis Green and her inspirational and motivational autobiography, Fired at 50: A Survivor's Guide to Prosperity, a narrative that follows her career from the corporate heights of network television to its descent into the unemployment line and finally to the heights of entrepreneurial success, along the way providing significant hands-on survival tactics on how to succeed under any circumstances.

About the Author

A veteran producer, network sales manager and advertising executive, Phyllis Green is hailed as an industry pioneer for bridging the gap between the worlds of retail and TV advertising. Green began her career working at a 250-watt radio station in Trenton, New Jersey. A year later, she landed a job as “Weekend Weather Girl” at WCKT-TV, Miami, now WSVN-TV. She climbed the TV career ladder with jobs at Indianapolis and Boston TV affiliates, and ultimately became the first woman sales manager at ABC-TV’s flagship station in New York City. After a promotion to ABC-TV network, her star rose as she brought major retailers to TV. Misfortune struck when she was suddenly fired by Capital Cities who acquired the network–changing her world overnight. In 1986 Green merged her experience in the worlds of advertising and television by founding Green Advertising. The agency is now one of the most respected advertising agencies in the state of Florida. In 1999, Green Advertising was acquired by Pace Advertising, a WPP company. WPP is the world's largest marketing and communication agency. Today, Green serves as Chairman of Green Advertising, the parent company of; Stalder/Green Advertising in Orlando, and VidPop Productions, a video production complex in Boca Raton.

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Publication: Early 2014