Phyllis Green

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Phyllis Green’s autobiography Fired at 50 is an uplifting chronicle of professional struggles and a remarkable comeback.

When Phyllis Green’s Florida advertising agency was acquired in 1999, it was a significant chapter in a career that started at a small New Jersey radio station and subsequently took her to the heights of network television—and ultimately, to entrepreneurial triumph. Green, chairman of Green Advertising, VidPop Productions and Stalder/Green Advertising, has announced the release of her motivational autobiography, Fired at 50: A Survivor’s Guide to Prosperity, a narrative that follows her career from the corporate heights of network television to its descent into the unemployment line and finally back to the heights of entrepreneurial success, along the way providing significant hands-on survival tactics to help one succeed under any circumstances. The book focuses on Green’s career path, from her on-camera and behind-the-scenes broadcasting jobs to the founding of a boutique advertising agency and its acquisition by the world’s largest advertising agency. She shares her unique experiences and guidelines for overcoming adversity, dealing with gender bias, focusing on the prize and, ultimately, achieving prosperity. The 258-page tell-all also features humorous anecdotes, from Green’s coverage of Broadway Joe Namath in Super Bowl III to her encounters with legendary notables like Howard Cosell, Barbara Walters, David Letterman, Senator Ted Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“My expedition to entrepreneurship and beyond proved to be the fulfillment of my destiny,” says Green. “This book will serve as a useful business and personal tool for others, not only to help them survive the journey of life, but to inspire them to thrive and prosper. It’s about how we handle change; the universal experience for every reader.” Fired at 50: A Survivor’s Guide to Prosperity paperback is available at; for more information, visit

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Publication: Early 2014